The Action Comes to Michigan

Curious about the SPC's Day 2 convective outlook for Michigan, I ran a few forecast soundings. Good grief! I can't remember when I've seen skew-Ts like these in Michigan. The one for Cadillac reminds me of June 5, 2010, in central Illinois, though I think the winds above 500 mbs were stronger in that event. It's late and I'm not about to write a lot. But I have a strong hunch that tomorrow early afternoon I'm going to be heading north on US 131. It's rough chasing in that part of Michigan, but anywhere in this state is challenging, and we don't see this kind of setup very often.
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  1. What website do you use to get those soundings?

  2. Chris, I purchased the RAOB skew-T software. It’s the best–absolutely incredible what it will do.

  3. Thanks. I had a feeling that they were from purchased software but I thought it was worth asking.

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