Photos from the April 14, 2012, Kansas Tornado Outbreak

May has been an astonishingly idle month for chasing storms, at least from the standpoint of a Michigan-based chaser who can’t afford to travel a thousand miles to tornado alley on every whim and wish of a slight-risk day. So tonight I finally got around to capturing a few still images from my video of the April 14, 2012, tornadoes in Kansas. Please excuse the graininess. These are, after all, video grabs, and the original footage was shot right around and after sunset. So … not high quality, but great memories of an exciting and rewarding chase day. You can read my written account of it here.

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  1. Amazing photos, as always Bob. Thanks for your posts; they’re so fascinating!

  2. Thank you so much, Francesca! That was an amazing day out in Kansas. The chase season hasn’t been nearly as accommodating since.

  3. Great pictures! That was a very active day. Also, its good to hear that Michigan storm chasers are making it down to the Plains.

  4. Thanks, Chris. Yes, there are a number of Michigan chasers who head west when the Plains light up. Not so much this year, unfortunately. There has been action out there, but most of it hasn’t been clear-cut setups like April 14.

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