F5 Data Upgrade: A Swiss Army Knife for Storm Chasers

Are good things worth the wait? Absolutely. I submit the new upgrade of F5 Data as a glowing case in point. Rough as it was in some respects in its prior incarnation, I’ve nevertheless really liked this outstanding forecast product. So maybe I’m just favorably predisposed to begin with, but I have to say, version two is fabulous.

This is no minor tweaking. Drawing on client feedback and his own considerable experience as a storm chaser, meteorologist, and software designer, Andrew Revering has offered a significant upgrade. Here are some key changes that have taken F5 Data for a quantum leap as a forecasting tool:

    • Addition of GFS to the suite of forecasting models (every three hours out to 180 hours, then every twelve hours out to 384 hours)
    • All 160 F5 parameters calculated from GFS data as well as from RUC and NAM• Beautiful, smooth, professional-grade color shading and contouring
    • Historical event browser–ideal for case studies
    • Calculator for instant conversion of centigrade to Fahrenheit and Kelvin, meters per second to knots or miles per hour, statute miles to kilometers, and so forth

The above is just the tip of the iceberg. You’ll also find all the handy, previously existing features such as clickable skew-T model soundings.

Regarding the inclusion of GFS, Revering says, “I’m really excited about GFS … Having it every three hours is something you can’t get anywhere else, and then calculating 160 parameters against the raw data really makes it an awesome model to work with, even for convective forecasting.”

Well-conceived and eminently useful, the new, upgraded F5 Data is a tremendous resource for storm chasers, weather buffs, meteorologists, and anyone with an interest in the atmosphere. It’s as close as I’ve found to a one-stop weather tool, and the price of a subscription is very reasonable.

Does it sound like I’m shamelessly promoting this product? You bet I am. This is my blog and I can say whatever I want in it, particularly since I’m not making a dime for doing so. Try out F5 Data yourself and you”l see why I consider it to be an invaluable asset for storm chasing. Be careful, though–it doesn’t take long to get hooked.

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