Christian Contemplative

The Laughter of God

In this difficult life in an often ugly world, is it truly possible that creation resounds with God's laughter--a joy and exuberance he invites us to taste, which in the end will swallow up all tears?

The Child Heart of God

Look around you at this incredible, colorful, infinitely textured world and you'll realize that while only God could make it, only a kid would dream it up.

The Problem of Pain

"If there is a loving God, then how can he allow so much pain in the world?" Sound familiar? It's a good question that has no easy answer. But it needs to be considered in the light of another question: "Can God only exist in a world without pain?"

Big Fish

Tim Burton's remarkable fantasy movie Big Fish weaves stories within a story as a young man strives to sift fact from fiction in the life of his bigger-than-life father. As with Edward Bloom, the movie's main character, so it is with us all: within each of us there swims a miraculous fish--a fish far bigger and more wonderful than we realize.

The Power of Showing Up

No words can ease the heartbreak of a senseless family tragedy. Sometimes the best that anyone can do is simply show up. But perhaps that is what our authority as disciples of Jesus is largely about.

Christmas in Heaven

I can't claim this beautiful poem as my own. I'm including it simply because I love it and I think you will too. It is the work of Adrian Plass, my favorite contemporary British author, a gifted and amazingly versatile writer who plies his craft with heart and humor.

When It Hurts

The problem with "the fellowship of [Christ's] suffering" is that it hurts! Moreover, there is nothing innate to pain that brings out the best in us. Finding fellowship with Jesus when life hurts is a matter of attitude, and attitude is something that mixes God's grace with our choice. Will we look for God when he's hard to see, cling to him when we wonder whether he's even there? Above all, will we be honest with him and with each other, choosing to reveal rather than conceal our inner world? For it is truth, not pretense, that makes us free, and which, by our example, inspires others to reach for the freedom of a truthful life.