Man, It Feels Good to Play My Horn Again!

There's nothing like picking up my saxophone again after being away from it due to illness. This past week-and-a-half I was laid up with a nasty chest cold. It was so bad that for three days, I literally couldn't speak, something that has never occurred before. I'm a sucker for bronchitis, but I've never had laryngitis that I can recall, up until last week. Praise God, though, it's now behind me, and this evening I put in a solid two hours practicing my sax. Oh, man, did it feel good! It's amazing how quickly my technical dexterity can lose its edge, but a few more sessions with my horn ought to have me back in top flight. Tonight I spent time running patterns on the diminished scale, the diminished whole tone scale, and the augmented scale, and worked on re-memorizing Charles McPherson's alto sax solo on "Lynn's Grins." It all felt a bit clunky, but that's okay. And it's amazing what memorizing a transcribed solo can do for freeing up both one's chops and one's ideas. Speaking of solo transcriptions, keep your eyes open. I plan to post another one soon, featuring Cannonball Adderley blazing his way through Rhythm changes. That's all for now. Back soon with some musical goodies.