Educational & Research

Learning Resources

  • MetEd: A part of UCAR's COMET program, this is a simply incredible, free learning resource: well-organized, interactive, making optimal use of visual, text, and audio, and covering a huge array of weather forecasting topics both as courses and individual models. On a scale of one to five stars, I give MetEd ten.
  • Jeff Haby's Weather Education Site: Created by meteorologist Jeff Haby, this site provides a ton of concise, easy-to-understand information on many aspects of weather forecasting, particularly severe weather. I and many other storm chasers have benefited immensely from Haby's articles. Go there, pick a topic, and start reading.
  • Jason Boggs's Online Resource Links: Long-time chaser Boggs has compiled the most comprehensive collection of online educational links for storm chasers that I've come across. It includes articles of particular interest to chasers that you'll be unlikely to find by doing a Google search.
  • Forecasting Northwest Flow Events: This guest post by F5 Data creator Andy Revering offers some great insights on how to forecast tornadic potential for a synoptic scenario that many chasers too quickly dismiss.

Product Reviews and Author Interviews

Reviews in each category are listed in descending order from the most recent to older. RAOB An Interview with RAOB Developer John Shewchuk RAOB and Other Weather Widgets F5 DATA F5 Data: A Swiss Army Knife for Storm Chasers Adds Some Superb New Tools F5 Data Upgrade: A Swiss Army Knife for Storm Chasers BOOKS AND LEARNING RESOURCES Tim Vasquez & Weather Graphics An Interview with Tim Vasquez Weather Analysis and Forecasting Handbook Severe Storm Forecasting

Weather Data Archives

Thanks to Robert Hurkes for initiating this thread on Stormtrack, and to the other chasers who contributed links in addition to the ones that Robert provided. The thread is a gold mine for anyone seeking archived weather data in order to study past events.