Painted TrilliumNOTE: Looks like my photo albums have gotten screwed up. This is most likely what comes of my not keeping pace with NexGen over the past year or so. I’ve just begun to make fixes in my storm albums. It’ll take me a little time to get all of my albums sorted out, so please bear with me.

Jazz saxophone and storm chasing are the focus of this blog, and here’s where I’ve parked all my photos from those two worlds. But there’s obviously a lot more to life besides. For instance, the painted trillium shown here is one of Michigan’s rarest wildflowers. It’s definitely not something you’re likely to come across during a casual springtime hike in the woods. You will, however, find it here, along with plenty of other splashes of color, both human and natural.

Look here for photos of wetlands, woods, sand dunes, lakeshores, and other ecosystems that comprise the Michigan landscape. Look as well for the rare and exotic orange fringed orchid, carnivorous pitcher plants, and other wildflowers ranging from the flamboyant, to the odd, to the shy-but-beautiful.

You’ll also find shots of the wonderful family members, friends, and events that enrich my life. And of course, there are plenty of storm and music photos from my chases and gigs. I hope you’ll enjoy them all.